Expertise as a Service

Digitize your consulting business model and monetize your specialized knowledge to fulfill the growing requirements and needs of clients through direct online interaction. The MKT-Platform enables innovative multi-way communication using interactive media formats.

Consulting as a Product

Productize your consulting portfolio and secure the business of the future. The MKT-Platform enables you to easily plug in a profitable tech solution to your consulting business model which generates sustainable revenues with your consulting service as a product.

Knowledge Sharing Economy

Develop monetized client networks and provide them individual on-demand services as well as global access to standardized senior expertise online. The MKT-Platform enables interactive collaboration between experts, specialists, and managers at different companies, who share and pool their knowledge, growing through virtual consultancies.

Consulting 4.0

MKT-Platform helps you to unite collaborative, organizational learning, communication and the exchange of highly complex knowledge using interactive media formats between your team of experts and your client's departments and divisions, creating a validated pool of knowledge as institutional memory. Welcome to the digital era of Consulting 4.0!

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Multiplex Knowledge Transfer

The tech solution for productized consulting as a service.

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Developed for Consultants and Clients

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Combining highly-complex knowledge and specialist expertise from different disciplines.

Results Repository

Traceable archives and searchable documentation of consulting results linked according to relevance.


Innovative knowledge-transfer solution for reducing redundancy through seamless communication.

Knowledge Sharing

Interactive communication solution for pooling and sharing expertise online to increase performance.

Expertise as a Service

Fusion of consultant networks and virtual teams of experts for knowledge-intensive consulting projects which result in better team composition.

Virtual Consulting

Creating pools of knowledge in collaboration with specialist departments and bring virtual consultancies to fruition together with the client.

Interactive Media

Easily creating interactive media online with just a few clicks and effectively tap the full potential for optimizing communication in consulting projects.

Fulfillment Proof

Needs-based assessment of the promised consulting service through testing and verification mechanisms for the benefit of the client.

Productized Service

Monetizing both internal and external networks of knowledge as consulting products in the knowledge economy.

Institutional Memory

Interactive documentation of consulting projects as individualized modules arranged in pools of knowledge.


Enabling departments to successfully implement the consulting results through the transfer of expertise.

Disruptive Innovation

Creating value by bringing disruptive consulting business models into action in times of digital revolution.


AI modules enable automated responses to individual queries 24/7.

The AI module learns from conversations between consultants and clients and generates a fully automated knowledge base, on the basis of which FAQ’s can be automatically answered on an individual basis using a natural language processing engine.

If it is not possible to answer on the basis of the generated database, the consultant will receive a notification to answer the question and the client will be informed that the consultant will be handling the inquiry personally.

Value Proposition for Consultants

Interactive communications media

Knowledge from consulting projects can be used on a modular basis for individual development. Aided by interactive media formats, the dialogue allows client requirements to be specifically identified.

Scalability through productizing

By understanding knowledge as a commodity, consulting products become assets in times of disruptive business models. The scalability allows sustainable revenues to be generated despite increasing applications for each project.

Development of an online client base

Special expertise is available for a variety of clients and facilitates the development of an online client base, which are willing to pay to subscribe to consulting products consisting of a basic framework and individual on-demand services. Online Service Shops automate sales and generate higher revenues.

Value Proposition for Clients

Validated pool of knowledge

Results of consulting projects are no longer lost but remain available and validated in a pool of knowledge as digital consulting documentation in the form of interactive e-learning modules.

Cost reduction by focusing implementation

Measurable consulting successes in predictable timescales allow internal departments to implement cost-efficient solutions significantly better by improving the standard of knowledge.

Self-service on-demand

Transfer of expertise allows internal departments and divisions to implement special solutions independently and this allows higher flexibility through on-demand services when the team of experts has been better compiled. Consulting Service Shops allow purchasing and fulfillment tracking online.

Consultant Benefits

Effective growth in the Knowledge Sharing Economy secures consultants the profits of the future.

Location Independence

No more travel time, just great availability. MKT-platform generates sustainable automated revenues for consultants – 24/7.

Small Units

Modularization of consulting units enables variations to be created for individual purposes so even small markets can be served profitably.


Digital consulting services via omnichannel use all channels to make consultant-expertise constantly available as a product.


Analysability allows the impact of consulting services to be consistently assessed and ensures quality when serving clients.


At the same time, a great number of clients benefit from scaling the impact of their consulting service, enabling individual consulting on-demand.


Hybrid forms of digitally-supported consulting avoid redundancies and enable multiple use alongside the acquisition and exchange of knowledge within a knowledge management system.

Effective growth for competing in the knowledge-based economy

Consultants can act as knowledge providers, offering their expertise and specialist services to various relevant clients on demand and developing monetized client networks to meet the needs of clients by means of direct online interaction. Consulting companies are curators of experts, which can develop this client network in a targeted manner. The disruptive innovation that is the MKT-Platform creates new ways of monetizing expertise without having to compete with the noise of social networks.

Client Benefits

Clients benefit from self-service on-demand and only pay for consulting that have a measurable impact.


Standardized consulting services using interactive media formats allow for an effective improvement in efficiency.


Splitting complex projects into smaller units significantly reduces their complexity and ensures measurable success within an adequate timeframe.


The possibility of adapting standardized units allows custom-tailored client solutions with lean resources.


Integrated support throughout the consulting process makes the consulting insights available in real-time.


Consultants empower clients by transferring expertise and making them a part of the collaborative problem-solving and solution-finding process.

Social Sharing

Social Sharing functions and micro-modules enable interdisciplinary, interactive collaboration between experts and specialists of different company divisions which generates institutional knowledge.

Lower costs, greater flexibility, higher productivity

Clients can start off with a productized consulting module in order to call on expert knowledge for their problem at their point of need. Individual problem-solving can be covered virtually through global access to senior expertise at a low cost. As soon as a specific problem requires consulting services that cannot be provided virtually, the consulting team will make an on-site visit. After the problem is resolved, the experts will be available again via the MKT-Platform. This is solution-oriented Consulting 4.0!

Productized Consulting Platform as plugin for business models of consultancies!

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Promise of Effect

Growth for consultants and clients in a competitive market.



The digitization of consultants’ expertise to form modular basic frameworks as consulting products ensures consistently high quality consulting services for all clients.



Virtual consulting using interactive media formats, which can very easily be created by clients and consultants, facilitates individual consulting on-demand for special problems.



Transferring expertise in order to empower clients to find their own paths makes implementing feasible solutions and conforming with the consultants’ mission possible.



Through productized consulting, a great number of clients benefit from consulting services 24/7, which reduces costs on the part of the client and increases revenues on the part of the consultant.

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Consulting 4.0

Expertise-as-a-Servcie | Productized Consulting | Knowledge Economy

Over the course of the digital revolution, corporate consultancies have been forced into including consulting services in their portfolio that focus on the digital transformation of companies, and ever since, the consulting industry itself has been faced with the challenge of evolving to digitize its services.

With the dawn of the digital era, the classic revenue model of invoicing on an hourly or a per diem basis has become outdated. Check out the interactive video course to learn how the MKT-Platform allows you to digitize your consulting services easily, conveniently and consistently in order to ensure effective growth for competing in the knowledge-based economy and secure the business of the future.

As a consultant, do you already have a basic framework that you'd like to digitize?

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“Digitization is putting increasing levels of pressure on investing in our own corporate consultancy.”

Germany; February 2016;
520 consulting companies surveyed
Source: BDU | Statista GmbH

“Digitization is going to have a strong impact on consulting companies’ portfolios, business models and processes”

Germany; February 2016;
520 consulting companies surveyed
Source: BDU | Statista GmbH

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